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Does the Direction of Your Home Impact a Conservatory?

When you decide to add a conservatory to your home, consider a few things.

1. Do you have enough space?
2. What sort of design will you choose?
3. Which direction does your house face?

The direction of your home may not be something you initially consider, but it is crucial to do so, as it can impact how comfortable your conservatory is and how much maintenance it requires.

Weather and ConservatoriesThe UK Weather and Conservatories

The UK has ever-changing weather. There are heatwaves in the summer, snowstorms in the winter, and sometimes seemingly everlasting rainfall. The comfort of a conservatory can suffer because of this, especially if you have a directly south-facing conservatory during a heatwave.


A north-facing conservatory will usually be a little cooler as it will not face the sun. That can be great in the summer when you need a break from the heat, but it can be a drawback during the winter. If your only option is a north-facing conservatory, consider improving insulation. A roof upgrade and thicker blinds go a long way.


South-facing is the hottest direction for a conservatory to face. It receives sunlight consistently throughout the day. That can benefit some households, especially if they want to grow certain plants that need plenty of sunlight but may require extra cooling methods. In the summer, you may wish to install air conditioning.


A west-facing conservatory would receive plenty of sun in the evenings but none in the morning. However, if you mainly use your conservatory for enjoying the warmth in the later hours of the day, this might be optimal for you.


The opposite to west-facing, an east-facing conservatory lets in lots of sunlight during the morning but then cools down during the afternoon.

What is the best direction for a conservatory?

For optimal balance, the best directions for a conservatory are southwest or southeast. That way, the room gets enough light throughout the day without too much. Imagine a conservatory filled with beams of light mixed with shadows. Pretty, warm, and comfortable.

That does not mean you cannot enjoy a great conservatory with a north or south facing direction. On the contrary, modern conservatories are built with quality materials, ensuring better temperature control no matter which direction the conservatory is facing. So, even if your house is north-facing or south-facing, you can still keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Consider Where You Will Put Your Furniture

By knowing the direction of your home and where the sun hits at what time of day, you can make better decisions about where to put your furniture. For example, if your conservatory is to be used as a home office, you should try to aim your desk away from the sun during your work hours.

The direction of your home does impact a conservatory, and you should know how much sunlight it will get beforehand.

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