Tiled Garden Rooms

‘‘Too hot in Summer or too cold in Winter!’’

This is a comment we regularly hear from clients with older Conservatories, whether the existing roof is glass or polycarbonate. We have a solution for you that will transform your Conservatory making it an all-year-round usable room.

There are two options available:

1. Glass Replacement Roof

With advances in glass technology, a glass replacement roof can make a huge difference in the use of your Conservatory.

High-performance glass can now reflect back out up to 80% of the sun’s heat and offers a u-value (the rate of transfer of heat through a structure) as low as 0.8. This combination really helps keep the Conservatory cool in Summer and warm in Winter.

Our self-cleaning glass also means there is little need for cleaning. The coated glass means dirt has trouble sticking to it and water runs off the incredibly smooth surface, unable to form droplets. It also offers a UV and anti-glare filter.

2. Tiled Replacement Roof

For the ultimate all-around Conservatory insulation, we can provide you with a ‘tiled’ Conservatory Roof.

The tiled roof is constructed through a series of timber pods and provides a structural link between the eaves beams and the new roof. Externally the roof is finished with lightweight roof ‘tiles’ that come in a variety of colours to match your existing home.

Internally the roof is plastered to a smooth finish, ready for decoration.

The U value of a tiled roof is approximately 0.14. This means that a tiled roof will improve the thermal efficiency of your conservatory, making it cheaper to heat and much easier to keep cool in Summer, giving you an all year round usable room.

A tiled roof can also be designed with an opening roof vent or glazing panels for additional daylight.