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Conservatories are the ideal places to enjoy those warm summer days and relax in natural light, but what happens when your conservatory becomes too warm?

With so much glass and suntrap opportunities, there’s no doubt that your relaxing summer haven could quickly become a place that you can’t comfortably enjoy – and that’s the last thing you want.

This is why it’s important to know how to keep your conservatory cool in the summer months should it become too warm. With the UK weather ever-changeable, it’s always a good idea to prepare your conservatory for warm and cool conditions to enjoy your extra space all year round, whatever the weather.

4 Ways You Can Keep Your Conservatory Cool in Summer

Install Shades on the Windows and Roof

Natural light is essential for making the most out of your conservatory and basking in those summer rays, but it’s also essential to break from it. Too much intense sunlight can overheat your conservatory and leave you feeling uncomfortable or even unable to sit in your conservatory at all.

That’s why shade options on any of your glass panels, whether that be the windows or roof, are an important feature so that you can easily pull down blinds or pull across curtains when direct sunlight becomes too much. Be sure to find regular shade when enjoying your conservatory so that you don’t risk dehydration or sunstroke.

Make Sure Your Conservatory is Equipped with Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a must-have feature to protect your conservatory from overheating. You need to ensure that not only does the room stay ventilated but also that you stay cool while spending time in there, too. With air conditioning, you can switch it on whenever you need it while still enjoying a warm conservatory when the air conditioning isn’t required.

Explore Ventilation Options

Installing ventilation options is extremely important to ensure you’re still able to use your conservatory when it gets too warm. This is both for your own comfort and to protect your conservatory. It’s a great idea when designing your conservatory to include window options that can open.

This could be skylights on the roof, standard roof windows, or side windows that can let in a breeze. Having a door that can provide adequate ventilation is also a great idea, especially if it’s one you can leave open such as a sliding door or French doors.

Change Your Roof Style

Your desired roof style will depend on the aesthetic you’re going for, such as modern conservatory ideas enticing a contemporary glass finish instead of period features. Your roof is a key feature when it comes to keeping your conservatory cool, as it has the potential for extra ventilation, light control, and thermal balance whenever you need it.

So if you’ve found that you’ve tried everything to keep your conservatory cool, but it still isn’t as cool as you’d like, you may want to look at replacing your existing conservatory roof with one that uses thermal-efficient materials for improved temperature control.

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