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Energy-efficient homes are less expensive to heat, yet many homeowners in the UK do not know how to improve the energy efficiency rating of their property. 

If you have a modern conservatory or are thinking about having one built, it can be good to find out how to make this space more energy efficient. 

One of the most effective ways to do this is by installing a modern conservatory roof. 

While older conservatories often become overheated in the summer and cold in the winter, a modern conservatory complete with a modern conservatory roof do not have this problem.

Interested to know more about modern conservatory roofs and how they can save you money?

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about a modern conservatory roof and how it can reduce your bills and lower your carbon footprint. 

modern conservatory

What are the different types of modern conservatory roofs?

There are several different types of conservatory roofs that you can choose from. While they all suit most property styles, each one has its own set of specific benefits:

Tiled conservatory roof

This is a good option for:

  • UK homeowners who want to increase the value of their property
  • Homes that need a conservatory that mimics the look of a permanent extension 
  • UK homeowners who want to enjoy privacy and light
  • Terraced and end-of-terrace houses that lack privacy 

A tiled roof provides enhanced heat retention due to the high level of insulation it provides. A tiled roof can reach a U value as low as 0.12 W/m2K. 

This type of modern conservatory roof is also a good choice if you have a south-facing space as it can help to manage climate control. 

Glass conservatory roof

This is a good option for:

  • UK homeowners who are on a tight budget 
  • Homes that are limited to like-for-like improvements such as listed buildings
  • Semi-detached or detached houses that already have a good level of privacy 

You can choose standard double glazed glass with a minimum rating of A and ideally A+ or A++ for triple glazed. 

Or you can opt for Low-E glass that boasts a reflective layer that can deflect up to 80% of the sun’s heat. This type of glass also stops heat from escaping, which helps keep your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  

Hybrid conservatory roof

This is a good option for:

  • UK homeowners that like the idea of a tiled roof but want maximum light
  • UK homeowners who have a healthy budget 

A hybrid modern conservatory roof is made from insulated composite external panels and high-performance PU board insulation. This type of conservatory roof is robust and very thermally efficient. 

Glazed panels are then inserted into the roof to create large, glazed areas that let in lots of light and offer a modern feel. 

Can I replace my conservatory roof?

If you already have a modern conservatory and it has started to lose the ability to retain heat, you may think that it can longer be used. However, most conservatories can be retrofitted with a new roof to prolong their life and save you the expense of building an entirely new conservatory. 

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