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With winter nearly behind us, now is the perfect time to carry out essential conservatory maintenance for Spring.

Conservatories are prone to dampness and condensation during wetter weather, and if your structure has not been properly ventilated, it may have started to develop mould.

From deep cleaning to checking for leaks, keep reading to discover five essential conservatory maintenance tasks you need to carry out this Spring.

Clear out the guttering

One of the most important jobs is to check and clear your guttering and downpipes throughout the year and especially after winter.

Start by checking for blockages, cracks, or leaks in your guttering and downpipes, as this can cause your gutters to overflow and lead to damage to your conservatory.

You also need to clear out your guttering and downpipes of any leaves, dirt, and other debris so that they can work efficiently.

Check for leaks

Britain is known for its wet weather, and this winter has been no exception, which means that you need to check your conservatory for any leaks thoroughly.

Be sure to check all the frames, seals and roof panels for any holes or other damage and, if you find any issues, repair them as soon as possible. Fixing a leak is a lot more costly than fixing a small hole, so you need to be as vigilant as possible.

conservatory maintenance for Spring

Deep clean the exterior

While you have probably been keeping on top of the interior of your conservatory over the winter, it is likely that you have neglected the exterior somewhat.

Therefore, once the sun starts shining, now is the perfect time to thoroughly clean the exterior structure, including the frames, the roof and the glass windows.

Never climb on the roof of your conservatory to clean it as this can be dangerous. Instead, use specialist equipment. You should also invest in cleaning products that are specifically designed for use on conservatory glass.

Check all the mechanisms

Often forgotten when it comes to conservatory maintenance tasks, you need to make sure that you check all the mechanisms within your structure, including the door handles, windows, vents, and drainage channels.

If anything is damaged or not working as it should be, you should replace or repair it as soon as possible and purchase high-quality lubricant to keep the new mechanisms in good working order for longer.

Refresh the paintwork

If your conservatory is looking a little drab, then Spring is the perfect time to give it a fresh coat of paint as it will dry much quicker at this time of year without it being too hot to paint.

Whether you choose to retouch the paintwork or you want to try a new shade on all the walls, you will be surprised at just how much better your conservatory looks after a new paint job.

You may also want to look into modern conservatory ideas which can update your space for the summer ahead.

Other jobs you may want to carry out if you have the time include:

– Washing the blinds and soft furnishings
– Checking the frames for rust or any other damage
– Open all the windows to let the space ventilate

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