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A conservatory is an undeniably great investment, so knowing how to clean and care for your conservatory roof is essential.

It is an indoor space in your home that also provides access to nature. On a lovely spring day, you can go to your conservatory to soak up the rays without having to step outdoors.

There is, however, the issue of cleaning and maintenance. The conservatory roof, in particular, needs dedicated care and attention. Otherwise, you run the risk of leaf and foliage build-up, as well as mould growth. Mould is something you especially want to avoid, as it not only looks unsightly, but it is also dangerous for your health.

care for your conservatory roof

Buy the Right Equipment

The first step is to ensure you have all the right equipment to clean and care for your conservatory roof. Most modern conservatories require these tools and products on hand:

A ladder

A ladder is essential for cleaning your conservatory roof, as you need to get up there to clean the area. Make sure it is the right height for your roof.

A telescopic cleaner

A telescopic cleaner has an extendable pole, allowing you to clean each section of the roof without having to get up there, which can be dangerous physically. Use hot, soapy water with it, and your roof should be perfectly shining once finished.

Window cleaning vacuum

Window cleaning vacuums are small, easy to use and provide a conservatory roof with that extra shine that lasts and lasts. It does not just clean – it dries, too. When using one, be careful to distribute your weight correctly while up there.

Cleaning Algae

The UK is prone to wet weather, leading to a build-up of algae. To avoid this, you must first get it wet and then use a soft brush to remove it as soon as algae appear. Make sure you do not leave any behind. You can also use a vinegar solution if it is difficult to remove.

Self-Maintenance or Professional Cleaners?

Many UK homeowners opt for self-maintenance over hiring professional cleaners, which is much cheaper. Plus, depending on the type of glass you use and the style of your conservatory, it should not be too difficult to clean and care for your conservatory roof.

With your roof-cleaning equipment, get up there at least twice a year and use soapy water and changeable heads to remove tough stains. You should use a brush for the more stubborn areas.

Of course, hiring a professional is also a viable option. For some UK homeowners, a professional is the better option, especially if they are financially able and too busy to clean it themselves.

Pros of self-maintenance:

– It is cheaper
– You can clean when it most needs it

Pros of a professional cleaner:

– They have experience
– You do not have to worry about cleaning it yourself

Clean Regularly

Whether you choose to self-clean or hire a professional, you must clean and care for your conservatory roof regularly, at least two times per year.

That should increase if you notice a build-up of foliage, mould, algae, leaves, or animal droppings.

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