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Many UK homeowners decide to add value and space to their homes by buying a conservatory. It is often chosen over a standard extension due to the lower cost, increased flexibility, and access to nature.

However, getting an extension is not just about choosing a design and paying someone to install it. It would be best if you thought about certain things, such as how you will maintain the conservatory and for what you will use it.

How Will You Control the Temperature?

Conservatories are notorious for being either too warm or cold, especially in the UK, which has hot summers and cold winters. You do not have to be uncomfortable in your conservatory, though, as long as you figure out how to control the temperature.

What to Think About Before Buying a Conservatory

Summer Temperature

As you would expect, conservatories get very hot in the summertime due to the direct sunlight on glass.

To lower the temperature for a more comfortable modern conservatory space, use a fan, open the window vents, and use low-E glass to reflect the sun’s rays. Air conditioning is a great addition, too.

Winter Temperature

In the winter, your goal is to keep the conservatory warm. To do this, you should invest in better glazing, insulate the roof, and use an electric heater when the temperatures drop very low.

Knowing how to keep a stable temperature throughout the UK seasons is important, so figure that out before investing in a conservatory.

What is its Purpose?

What you will use the conservatory for will ensure you buy the right type. Some practical uses include:

A Plant Room

As conservatories are made of glass, lots of sunlight gets through, making it the perfect room for light-loving indoor plants.

A Place to Relax

Conservatories are a gateway between the indoors and nature. Whether it is raining or shining, your conservatory can serve as a peaceful space to relax in.

A Home Office

With many UK residents now working from home, conservatory offices have become increasingly popular. This light-filled office will provide a beautiful space to work in without stepping outside.

Once you know what you will use your conservatory for, you can choose the conservatory design to suit that.

Can You Afford it?

Conservatories are cheaper than other options like orangeries or full-on extensions, but they still come at a cost. Not only must you fork out for the initial installation, but you need to think about ongoing costs like the electrical heater, fan, and maintenance.

The Direction of the Conservatory

When looking at your home, you need to consider what direction it faces before buying a conservatory. It should influence the kind of design you choose. For example, an east-facing conservatory will get plenty of sunlight.

The opposite is true for an east-facing conservatory, which would soak up a lot more sun in the evening during sunrise.

Should You Get a Conservatory?

A conservatory adds more space, value, and beauty to your home, just so long as you choose the right design, keep control of the temperature, and keep up with maintenance.

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